Wesly.com - Party On!

I'm stoked to have a new home for updates about all the creative projects I'm involved with! I've gone by Wesly for my solo music stuff for many years. Now that I've got Wesly.com, it seems like I am unbelievably legit. Haha :). I'd never say too legit to quit, because that's way too 90's, and also unbelievably cliche and stupid. Wait.... dangit. 

The creative process of making music, films, and writing is my home (I absolutely love this Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert by the way). I simply can't get away from these forms of art in my life. It's a part of my soul. Yet, It's straight up bloody hard to not give into the voices of practicality and be "realistic" about the odds of making it in the creative world. Especially once you have a family and you have little cute faces to feed. I've spent far too many years thinking about crap like "I will only be a successful creative person when: xxx." Once I finally disconnected from the idea that my art had to have some kind of specific outcome, then I was considerably more free to create.

Would it be amazing to pay all my bills from my creative projects? Come on Sally, of course it would. Someday that may be the case, but if it never is, it wont make a difference in how I feel. Not anymore ya'll! I am creating art and loving life. So in terms of the kind of success I care about, I am already plenty successful. I'm doing what I'm called to do and excited for the future!