New Life Slogan

Life is good. I have like 17 thousand kids, and being a dad is really the coolest thing I'm involved with. Aside from that, I am working on:

  • three youtube projects (which require research, writing, and editing)
  • writing a book
  • writing two full length screenplays
  • trying to find money for my big full feature, the film of my dreams, one I think could really be a piece that could help people too.
  • writing and publishing a comic on
  • writing and recording music for my solo project and with a couple other groups

It's nuts, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. I mention all those things, not to be a pompous dog butt, but to remind myself why I am doing all this. It's really simple. I love it. So in connection with that, I've got a new slogan: Don't Die Dumb.

Triple D. I'm not talking about about your large auntie Roberta's bosom. My three D's mean that I really don't want to regret this life. I don't want to die with a single thought back. I want to rid my life of any snide remarks and stupid judgements. I want love and kindness to be my legacy. So, Don't Die Dumb ya'll! Find a way to work on what you love, and love those around you like a beast.